At any given moment, Biogen is conducting numerous clinical trials that evaluate the efficacy and safety of potential therapies. Some of the clinical trials are to discover new potential therapies. Others are to investigate previously approved therapies for new ways of dosing or administering the therapy, for example, or even testing it for a different disease or condition.

Getting a new therapy to market can take 15 years or more, and only one out of approximately 10,000 identified potential therapies will ultimately be approved for use in the United States. For patients, this process can seem slow, but it is critical for ensuring that the therapy is safe and effective. The data gathered during our trials is also invaluable to the global healthcare community since it sheds new light on specific diseases and on human biology in general.


Biogen is committed to supporting clinical trial disclosure and responsible data sharing in compliance with global legal and regulatory requirements and in alignment with the biopharmaceutical industry’s principles.

To learn more about Biogen’s Clinical Trial Transparency policy, access study-level clinical trial summary results or to request access to study-level and patient-level clinical trial information, click here.