My area of expertise is structural biology, particularly X-ray crystallography, though recently I developed an interest in the low-resolution technique of small-angle X-ray scattering. We study the structure and interactions of macromolecules with various ligands including receptors, small molecules and antibody fragments to define the location of the binding epitope. The aim is to better understand mechanism of action and structure-function relationships and, when necessary, utilize that knowledge for engineering purposes, such as affinity maturation. My active research projects include structure-based library design based on antibody-antigen complexes and the structure-function analysis of neurotropic factors-receptors interactions.

My graduate work involved characterization and structure determination of metalloenzymes, and my postdoctoral research was on how botulinum neurotoxin recognizes substrate and its cell surface receptor. Before deciding to go to graduate school, I worked as a research associate supporting the drug discovery of secondary metabolites derived from microbial fermentation.


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH - 2003

Selected Publications

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